Enrolling for the '22-'23 School Year

We have had a very successful start at Under the Trees Forest Preschool! We are very excited as we look forward to next school year!

We have openings in both programs! Our class size is limited to 15 students so we expect to fill up quickly.

Contact us for more information, to schedule a tour, or to enroll!

Our program is unique because along with our typical preschool socialization and academics we are learning about and experiencing the outdoors! Our literacy covers letter recognition for lower and uppercase letters as well as letter sounds for all letters including short and long vowel sounds. We also practice tracing and writing all lower and uppercase letters. Our math covers numeral recognition, counting to 20, pattern recognition, shape recognition, and short story problems. For science we begin with color recognition, practice sorting and categorizing, learn the 5 senses, and do lots of practicing with the steps of the scientific method while we try different experiments.

In the fall:
You can expect to start with warm, sunny days transitioning into the rainy season through the Pacific Northwest. Students will experience the changing seasons first hand as we learn about how plants and animals change in the fall. We will talk about fall weather, do art work, and make observations. This is a great time of year for us to talk about color recognition because students have lots of colors to look for first hand!

In the winter:
Cold mornings mean lots of layers! We learn about how animals and plants make it through the winter. We focus on the needs of plants and animals- why roots are important, why animals and humans need bones and muscles, and how we can take care of our forest.

In the spring:
As the weather warms and days get longer we will observe the changes in the plants and animals around us. We will learn about why nutrition is important, how animals and plants survive in different climates, and the difference between bugs and insects. We will watch spring growth and learn about spring weather.

For the 2022-2023 School Year we will have two programs:
1. Drop Off Preschool
This program will run Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00am - 1:00pm
Drop off preschool is for students ages 3-4 at the beginning of September. This program is a good fit for families with active children who are comfortable outdoors or for families who have a goal of being more comfortable outdoors.
Check out a sample schedule here:
Caregiver&Me Sample Schedule

2. Caregiver&Me Preschool
This program will run Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00am - 1:00pm
Caregiver&Me Preschool is for students ages 2-5 who attend with an adult. This is a good fit for families who want to get a head start on Preschool, families who are looking for activities to do with their students, students who have special needs or requirements, or families who want to be closely involved in their child's education.
Check out a sample schedule here:
Drop Off Sample Schedule

We currently have openings in BOTH programs with a maximum capacity of 15 students in each program. We anticipate filling quickly.Contact us for more information, to schedule a tour, or to enroll!