November in Forest Preschool

Wow! What a fun last few weeks we have had at Forest Preschool!

With all the rain on the 11th and 12th we had HUGE puddles to play in and some flooded paths to observe at school. We kept a safe distance from the water! We were able to observe the changes in the water- it was dirtier, higher, and faster than normal. We saw logs floating on the creek and even tossed leaves and sticks over the walking bridge to see how quickly they floated away. 

Then, after the weekend, the water had receded to its normal riverbank and we had the opportunity to walk our forest paths to see what had changed. Students noticed that we had logs in different places in the forest. They also noticed that the leaves were caked in dust left behind from the water. We were able to walk up a hill and observe where the dusty leaves stopped and clean leaves started. Students deduced that the water hadn’t reached the leaves that were still clean. 

A little while later, hiking a different path, we found a stinky, rotting fish to observe. The kids were delighted with that find! 

For Thanksgiving week we practiced thankfulness by making handprint turkeys and writing some things we are thankful for on the feathers. We are so grateful for being in school together.

We've been practicing rectangles, triangles, squares, ovals, circles and rhombuses. We have also been talking about our 5 senses and tasted sweet, salty, bitter, and sour flavors this week. We continue to work our way through the alphabet with a letter each week. This week was the letter H.