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Thank you to The Gresham Outlook!

 A big THANK YOU to Angel Rosas at The Gresham Outlook for publishing a story on our forest preschool in the paper! We are both thankful and grateful for the love and support we have received and continue to receive from our community as we endeavor to continue building a strong robust preschool program. It is our greatest desire at Under the Trees Forest Preschool to be able to provide an enriching and inclusive opportunity for your kids! Link to the story here .   Happy Halloween to all!  Have a fun and safe weekend.    

Fall weather has arrived in the forest!

Fall has arrived in all of it's splendor, and at Under the Trees Forest Preschool we are in full motion and are already headed into our 5th week of school. Here is a look at some of what we have been up to! Over the course of our first month, we have learned the first 4 letters of the alphabet and their sounds and had fun learning how to write them in the sand. We have gone on scavenger hunts, foraging things from nature to learn and experience the colors yellow, green, and red. We have also learned about circles and ovals, and the differences between them. Students are getting very good at learning how to both collect things from the forest to construct letters as well as count from 1-5! Each week, we have had a different theme! A few of our highlights have included apple stamping, an apple tasting, rain and wind paintings, and a gigantic toddler "nest" to play in! Last week we learned about fall weather- wind, rain, and fog. The last two weeks have presented u