Enrolling for the '22-'23 School Year

We have had a very successful start at Under the Trees Forest Preschool! We are very excited as we look forward to next school year! We have openings in both programs! Our class size is limited to 15 students so we expect to fill up quickly. Contact us for more information, to schedule a tour, or to enroll! Our program is unique because along with our typical preschool socialization and academics we are learning about and experiencing the outdoors! Our literacy covers letter recognition for lower and uppercase letters as well as letter sounds for all letters including short and long vowel sounds. We also practice tracing and writing all lower and uppercase letters. Our math covers numeral recognition, counting to 20, pattern recognition, shape recognition, and short story problems. For science we begin with color recognition, practice sorting and categorizing, learn the 5 senses, and do lots of practicing with the steps of the scientific method while we try different experiments.

January Enrollment Special!

 Can you believe the new year is right around the corner?!   It's hard to believe for us at Forest Preschool! We have been open for two and half months now and it has been so much fun! We spend our days exploring the outdoors, noticing changes in our environment, and with lots of bugs and worms!  Looking forward to 2022, we are offering some enrollment specials! NEW ENROLLMENTS $50 off your first month!  Get $50 off your first month for new enrollments in January. Send a message or email to schedule a visit or get enrollment paperwork. Under the Trees Forest Preschool is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment which motivates and challenges students both in academics and in building respect and wonder for the nature around us. We blend early literacy, early mathematics, art and science with the outdoors to help develop a well-rounded preschooler! On a day-to-day basis, that looks like some time spent on letter recognition, counting, a

November in Forest Preschool

Wow! What a fun last few weeks we have had at Forest Preschool! With all the rain on the 11th and 12th we had HUGE puddles to play in and some flooded paths to observe at school. We kept a safe distance from the water! We were able to observe the changes in the water- it was dirtier, higher, and faster than normal. We saw logs floating on the creek and even tossed leaves and sticks over the walking bridge to see how quickly they floated away.  Then, after the weekend, the water had receded to its normal riverbank and we had the opportunity to walk our forest paths to see what had changed. Students noticed that we had logs in different places in the forest. They also noticed that the leaves were caked in dust left behind from the water. We were able to walk up a hill and observe where the dusty leaves stopped and clean leaves started. Students deduced that the water hadn’t reached the leaves that were still clean.  A little while later, hiking a different path, we found a stinky, rottin

Evergreen and Deciduous Trees

Students at Under the Trees Forest Preschool have been having a blast with the changing weather! At forest school more rain means bigger puddles, softer dirt/mud for digging and lots and LOTS of worms! We have also noticed slugs of all sizes out and about on our trails, in our leaves, and even climbing on our equipment.  We spend time every day on recognizing letters and shapes. We have also begun a unit on our 5 senses beginning with sight. Our preschoolers have been enjoying bringing show and tell so that they can share what they like to look at.  Digging has been a big hit lately. It’s been great to see the kids using the shovels, getting dirty, and then responsibly filling in the holes before the end of the day so that no one trips.  Our theme this week has been deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Children use leaves and small pine branches gathered from the forest floor to decorate paper hedgehogs. The difference between the two is easy to see on our craft project, but both make

Thank you to The Gresham Outlook!

 A big THANK YOU to Angel Rosas at The Gresham Outlook for publishing a story on our forest preschool in the paper! We are both thankful and grateful for the love and support we have received and continue to receive from our community as we endeavor to continue building a strong robust preschool program. It is our greatest desire at Under the Trees Forest Preschool to be able to provide an enriching and inclusive opportunity for your kids! Link to the story here .   Happy Halloween to all!  Have a fun and safe weekend.    

Fall weather has arrived in the forest!

Fall has arrived in all of it's splendor, and at Under the Trees Forest Preschool we are in full motion and are already headed into our 5th week of school. Here is a look at some of what we have been up to! Over the course of our first month, we have learned the first 4 letters of the alphabet and their sounds and had fun learning how to write them in the sand. We have gone on scavenger hunts, foraging things from nature to learn and experience the colors yellow, green, and red. We have also learned about circles and ovals, and the differences between them. Students are getting very good at learning how to both collect things from the forest to construct letters as well as count from 1-5! Each week, we have had a different theme! A few of our highlights have included apple stamping, an apple tasting, rain and wind paintings, and a gigantic toddler "nest" to play in! Last week we learned about fall weather- wind, rain, and fog. The last two weeks have presented u

Welcome to Under the Trees Forest Preschool!

We are now enrolling for the 2021 - 2022 school year! In forest preschool we integrate academics with nature based learning and play. We have lots of time for choice, lots of space for using up our energy, and lots of interaction with friends! Every week our centers include the playground, the mud kitchen, and a rest area along with different centers that go with our weekly theme! Each week we will focus on one letter shape and sound, one math concept, one science concept, and one themed lesson like Autumn Weather or Pumpkins! We have two programs. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have a drop off preschool. On Tuesday and Thursday we have a Caregiver&Me preschool which can include parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, or any other caregiver! We are outdoors rain or shine! Please plan for your preschooler to come dressed for the weather all year! We are following all state and local guidelines for COVID-19 to reduce transmission at school. This means that w